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Our platform gives you and the audience not just a friendly and easy usage but also a great user experience. 

Exhibitors can - at no additional cost - add as many delegates in their virtual booth as they wish. There are 8 different types of booth layout. Exhibitors can upload videos, brochures, special offers, photos, can chat and have live video talks with the students. 
When the event ends, the virtual platform stays online for another 5 days in case other students who may have missed the day can still log in, look at your profile/booth and materials you left available there and send inquiries. Exhibitors can then export all this data including visitor informations and chats with a single click.

Advantages of our Virtual Platform

  • Safe. Avoid non essential overseas travel and social contact.


  • Cheap. No travel cost.


  • Comfortable and fun. School representatives can communicate with potential students  from their offices, homes, even mobile tablets or phones.


  • Dynamic infrastructure and user friendly backend.


  • All documents can be exchanged online.


  • Visitors can visit the booths online anytime  via  computer, tablet or phone.  They can chat online school representatives, leave them notes or send  emails.


  • Fast, easy and high interaction on both sides and detailed digital recordings.


  • Detailed and real time statistics. Detailed analysis reports can be created.


  • Time management. You can give appointments to your potential students for later. If there is a lot of crowd you may ask help from other assigned delegates.


  • High, virtually limitless capacity. Thousands of people can visit your booth at the same time.  They can review your programs, chat online or leave their contact information for you with a single click.


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